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Bun's Story

In July 2013, 23-year-old Bun suffered a traumatic brain injury, leaving her paralysed and unable to speak. After undergoing major life saving surgery...

Bob's Story

After a typical day at work, Bob returned home to find his wife and children gone from the family home, along with most of their belongings and furniture.

Ryan's Story

15-year-old Ryan first connected with One YMCA through a project called Y Team - a community project which Ryan believes helps young people...

Emma's Story

Our 6 Children’s Centres work within local communities across Hertfordshire and Central Bedfordshire. As well as providing parents with the opportunities...

John's Story

Eight years ago my parents began to hold me responsible for my little brothers mental health issues. I couldn’t take the blame or pressure.

David's Story

David was asked to leave the family home because of conflicts with his father. This caused the onset of depression and anxiety...


Lee & Lindsey's Story

We were two healthy, fit and young(ish) people with a young family busy planning a new life abroad. We had rented out our house and packed up our things...

Jordan's Story

I embarked on an apprenticeship with YMCA based at the Orbital Community Centre and completed a level 2 NVQ in Business and Administration.

Mick's Story

I became homeless through no fault of my own when my sister stopped paying our rent, despite me giving her money each week.

Sarah's Story

16-year-old Sarah’s journey began with YMCA through a partnership with Signpost, which provided a weekly support group for local young people who are awaiting or receiving counselling.