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Volunteers play an important role within the YMCA movement and we aim to make sure that our volunteers get as much out of the time they spend volunteering as our users do from our service delivery. Volunteering with YMCA is a great way to share your skills and knowledge, learn new skills and build new friendships. There are many benefits to volunteering, from knowing that you’re making a contribution to your local community, to enhancing your CV and job prospects.

Areas that you could contribute to are:

  • Sports, exercise and fitness
  • Youth work
  • Children and families
  • Housing
  • Fundraising and marketing
  • Administration
  • Becoming a board/committee member

We also have 4 YMCA shops in and around the county. If you’re interested in volunteering, speak to someone behind the counter at your nearest shop or contact our retail team on 0300 3232 300.

For more information about current volunteer posts that are available, please contact volunteering@oneymca.org